Finding Your Inner Warrior

fightingandspirit believes in the psychological potential of martial arts training. We combine the two disciplines at regular training events to help participants find their inner warrior.

We deliver regular public-access training events as well as workforce and professional development sessions. These sessions and events offer a combination of martial arts instruction, physical training, teamwork and discussion groups; and are delivered from either our decicated mat space or on site.

fightingandspirit training events are designed to enhance the health and wellbeing of all participants. As such, we welcome all skill levels and no previous martial arts experience is necessary.


We believe the and is a crucial element in our philosophy here at fightingandspirit. Martial arts have always offered participants an amazing opportunity to learn to trust and develop as part of a group. Equally, as experts in the field of counselling and psychotherapy, we recognise the mentally transformative potential of the mat room.

Our training events utilise teachings and physical drills from different martial arts and explore how these can be applied to personal and interpersonal problems to help you find your inner warrior.